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José Feliciano

Don José Feliciano Amish Ground WINE

Don José Feliciano Amish Ground Wine - Feliz Navidad Edition 2019 “The Taste with Music” Don José Feliciano Amish Ground Wine uses particular vibrations created by the notes from music what produces a higher quality of wine. Read more at PRODUCTS

Don José Feliciano COFFEE

"DON JOSÉ FELICIANO" COFFEE WITH STRINGS consists of selected Arabica coffee beans, which are grown and handcropped on self-owned highland farms combined with homeland crowned beans of Puerto Rico refined with a unique blending and roasting process. Read more at PRODUCTS

Don José Feliciano CIGAR

FELICIANO The Name That Is Synonymous With MUSIC Feliciano is synonymous with an international presence that has influenced popular music for more than two generations bridging musical styles in a way that has never been equaled. Jose Feliciano has been acclaimed by critics around the world as “The Greatest Living Guitarist”, earing Gold and Platinum records worldwide multiple Grammy Awards and esteemed recognitions for Lifetime Achievement. Read more at PRODUCTS

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