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Don José Feliciano BEER

José Feliciano and Gerald Schwarz, a graduated beer sommelier and brewer, have discovered after intensive tasting the right taste, which characterizes the Don José Feliciano Feliz Navidad Bock. In a traditional bewing style, without stabilizers and unpasteurized, a dark and unfiltered Bock was created, which leaves an malty chocolate taste. Locally selected raw materials and naturally activated water using the Masaro Emoto technology characterize die first-class quality and make the Don José Feliciano Feliz Navidad Bock what it is: a traditional-solemn Christmas-beer! Brewery: Gerald Schwarz, Privatbrauerei Bundesstraße 100 A-2851 Krumbach

Don José Feliciano Amish Ground WINE

Don José Feliciano Amish Ground Wine “The Taste with Music” Don José Feliciano Amish Ground Wine Uses particular vibrations created by the notes from music what produces a higher quality of wine. This is a special and new kind of wine fermentation. The Don José Feliciano Amish Ground Wine is in his must stage when they get ensonified, by means of special vibration transducers (underwater speakers). During the fermentation and with a broad spectrum of frequencies, the biology of the wine gets altered within the audible range. Music consist of sound waves, rhythm and volume, creating unique individual vibrations for each song. Within the same genre of music - Classic, Pop, Rock etc. - the difference between the wines and the outcome that is produced is directly influenced by the different basic keys (Major or Minor) used as the main impulsion (each piece of music has its own basic key structure). Thus, the fermentation process along with all the flavor is created and influenced together as one single unit, unaltered and undistorted. This also means that not all vibrations are the same and that certain sound waves have a greater impact on the wine than others. This technique, together with an outstanding wine farmer (W. Baumgartner), a special and unique wine was created, influenced by the music of José Feliciano. Produced and bottled by Ing. W. Baumgartner GmbH & CoKG A-2061 Untermarkersdorf 198

Don José Feliciano COFFEE

"DON JOSÉ FELICIANO" COFFEE WITH STRINGS consists of selected Arabica coffee beans, which are grown and handcropped on self-owned highland farms combined with homeland crowned beans of Puerto Rico refined with a unique blending and roasting process. Handroasted by: DANIEL MOSER "from the crop to the last drop" Roman Schärf, Vienna CAFÉ DON JOSÉ FELICIANO offers Austrian coffee and coffee house tradition combined with a unique and high-quality roasting process. JosÉ Feliciano has been acclaimed by critics throughout the world as "the greatest living guitarist….", "…both, best Jazz and best Rock guitarist…." His music is featured in his own TV specials, on-stage and in films. His world hits "Light My Fire" and "Feliz Navidad" sold millions of records. He has been invited to perform with music orchestras around the world. He has earned 17 Grammy Nomination and won 9 Grammy's. What combines JOSÉ FELICIANO and coffee? CAFÉ DON JOSÉ FELICIANO a dream that has been brewing for almost 30 years in José Feliciano's heart and mind, is finally being realized by Helmuth Schärf in Vienna, Austria, just steps away from the legendary Opera house. Aside from the historic location, delicious sandwiches and tasty sweets, the mainstay of CAFÉ DON JOSÉ FELICIANO is, absolutely, the handpicked, handroasted coffee, prepared in the tradition of Roman Schärf's strict specifications and brewed to perfection. It is the realization of a dream, as well as a promise of dedication in bringing to each guest a superb experience in a captivatingly comfortable setting with unparalleled ambiance and charm.

Don José Feliciano CIGAR

FELICIANO The Name That Is Synonymous With MUSIC Feliciano is synonymous with an international presence that has influenced popular music for more than two generations bridging musical styles in a way that has never been equaled. Jose Feliciano has been acclaimed by critics around the world as “The Greatest Living Guitarist”, earing Gold and Platinum records worldwide multiple Grammy Awards and esteemed recognitions for Lifetime Achievement. José Feliciano’s musical career has been immortalized with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He’s received countless prestigious awards and accolades around the world including a Papal Order and a Doctorate for his musical, as well as humanitarian contributions. Remaining humble throughout this life, Jose Feliciano cherishes the simple pleasures of family and friends, a good meal, great music and an impeccable cigar. After years of development with master blender, Gunther Schichl, the premium tobaccos chosen for each of the three formats/vitolas of the Don Jose Feliciano Cigar come from microclimates regions renown for their lightest quality Corojo leaves. The Don José Feliciano Cigar. Cigards with Strings

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José Feliciano

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