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LA. Clip – the Synonym for unique MUSIC!

Already 30 years ago, in the middle of the 1980s, the synonym LA. Clip began, founded by Helmuth Schaerf, who celebrated his breakthrough as born Lower-Austrian as well in the United States as one of few.

LA. Clip operated in the last 35 years not only as producer, also as manager for music stars of the Latin-American market such as Joe Esposito, Franco Iglesias, Pablo Ruiz, José Feliciano, and many more…

During the year 2009 Helmuth Schaerf discovered the secret Viennese anthem “The Sound Of Vienna”, composed by Christian Duchatschek and Rudolf Leve, which he produced for José Feliciano and what became a world-wide hit song. 

Among other things LA. Clip, Helmuth Schaerf cooperated with Kurt Supermax Hauenstein, produced and composed for him. Hits like “Living In A World” or “Let’s Send A Message” are written by Helmuth Schaerf. 

José Feliciano, Latin-Legend and guitar-virtuoso, is already a longtime friend and client of Helmuth Schaerf. LA. Clip appears for José Feliciano since 30 years as producer with tremendous productions. Concert bookings around the world are managed by LA. Clip. LA. Clip functions as manager and exclusive agent for José Feliciano. 

Jelena, The Golden Voice Of Serbia, is not only José’s background singer, she also recorded a phenomenal Solo-Album together with Helmuth Schaerf. LA. Clip operates as exclusive agent for Jelena. 

FaWiJo - the 8-year old newcomer: His childish joyfulness and excellent talent in singing make this little youngster a superstar. FaWiJo records already his second album together with the latest member of LA. Clip's roaster "Manolo - King of Gypsies". 

Manolo - King of Gypsies: For almost twenty years now he has performed all over the world and participated in the most prestigious festivals and events, already since 2011 under his own name "MANOLO”.

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