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José Feliciano and Gerald Schwarz, a graduated beer sommelier and brewer, have discovered after intensive tasting the right taste, which characterizes the Don José Feliciano Pale Ale.

With subtle bitter aspects and notes of citrus and tropical fruits the bright pale ale scintillates, as it was created in a traditional brewing style, without stabilizers and unpasteurized.

American aroma hops, naturally activated water using the Masaro Emoto technology and locally selected raw materials characterizes the first-class quality and makes the Don José Feliciano Pale Ale what it is: a unique and unmistakable taste experience!

Gerald Schwarz, Privatbrauerei
Bundesstraße 100
A-2851 Krumbach

Contains Barley Malt

0,33 l / 4,9% Alc. by Vol. 

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