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MANOLO – The Voice of the Gypsies 



From his happy childhood on grown up in a family of seven brothers and sisters MANOLO, Manuel Gimenez, was an “early musician” ... When his father came home from work, the whole family was at home and playing music, singing and dancing ... wonderful moments that Manolo keeps telling with emotion.

Even after winning a song contest as child, it wasn’t till the age of 16 when the Gipsy Kings came to see his father whom they knew well to ask him to allow MANOLO to come and sing with them, but MANOLO said no ... he was too scared of the plane ... and even of a TGV.

Only after his father’s death and forced to take over the responsibility to raise and feed his brothers who were still small he grabbed the chance when invited to join Chico’s new band – as if the dream he had let go a few years ago was back at hand. Soon MANOLO wasn’t only co- author of a gold record, chorister and guitarist, but regarded as one of the most beautiful gypsy voices. In fact, MANOLO becomes the predominant value of the new group. His sympathy and charisma make him the new "Gipsy" that everyone recognizes.

For almost twenty years now he has performed all over the world and participated in the most prestigious festivals and events, already since 2011 under his own name "MANOLO”.

Now 2019 shall see the release of a new double- album of MANOLO with both all the big hits from the Gipsy Kings- and Chico-era as well as new tunes. This collection of songs will be the base of the set-list of the forthcoming 2020 tour of “MANOLO – the Voice of the Gypsies” that will make the dancefloors, beach-parties and festivals dance all over in 2020. Joining the tour will be KEMA, Christophe Andre Fernand Baliardo, the grandson of the great late Manitas de Plata, guitar-hero of its own!

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