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This story began two years ago, when together with our friend José Feliciano, who is FaWiJo’s great musical role model, he recorded a new and peppy version of his Christmas hit "Feliz Navidad" - actually by accident. His dad, the producer of José Feliciano, just recorded this new version with José when FaWiJo got into the studio and just sang along for fun ... and it all started from there ...

At first it was just this song, but it was always fun to be in the studio with his dad, and on most recordings FaWiJo drummed on a cajon or a small snare .... So his parents discovered his real passion for music, for the individual instruments, especially for the drums, and also for the singing.

Nancy Hahn, the founder of iRead2Know iHeartRadio USA, became aware of him through the video of "Feliz Navidad" and immediately was thrilled. She contacted his parents, Helmuth and Carmen, and inspired them to record this album.

During FaWiJo’s many intensive weeks of recording with his parents, with Jelena "The Golden Voice of Serbia", with José Feliciano, who always took him in the studio and encouraged him to "feel" the music, his musical family grew. Pete Art, his role model as an "Austro-Pop'n'Roller", contributed some songs, Harald Buechel, our music and publishing expert, helped with the legal issues, Yavor Roussinoff, his dad's arranger and co-producer, took care of the great arrangements that you can hear on this CD.

With this album, FaWiJo also wants to encourage you, and you, and maybe you ... and kids around the world, to also sense your musical talents, recognize them, and bring them to life. Even if obstacles stand in the way, do not give up, believe in yourself! "Yes, you can. We all can. - Yes, we can! "

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