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Sound of Vienna – Private Tribute (DVD) 

See Vienna. Hear Vienna. 

José Feliciano and his producer gathered under this motto a multitude of Austrian artists on the Kahlenberg, the “home mountain” of all Viennese inhabitants and Feliciano’s new, European adopted home, to celebrate Michael Jacksons birthday and a private tribute-gala for the “King of Pop”. A minute of silence was held, the song “Billie Jean” was interpreted and live recorded by José Feliciano and much more… in front of the unforgettable panorama of Vienna. Patron of this great event was Dr. Michael Häupl, mayor of Vienna. Just 500 invited guests got the possibility to attend the live-recording of this event. 

This DVD includes an experience in highest musical and technical quality – 24h Kahlenberg with José Feliciano, Supermax, Figure In Frame, Arno, Horst Chmela and Fii, including the CD- and video-presentation from each artist, which interpreted in a new way among other songs as well the unofficial hymn of Vienna – Sound Of Vienna.

Another highlight is the foundation of the “José Feliciano Sound Of Vienna – Award”, patron is Susan Feliciano, which was awarded next to José Feliciano himself also post-hum to Anton Karas. To the 60th jubilee of the film “The Third Man” and the immortal soundtrack “Harry Lime Theme” from Anton Karas, José Feliciano raised a monument with his virtuosic-guitar sound for this impressive piece of Viennese music.

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