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José Feliciano – Happy Birthday, Les! 

“Happy Birthday, Les… you’ve brought us so much joy to so many people; I trust you are resting peacefully. You must be pretty proud to know the impact you’ve made on the world of music – and our world in general – as music is one of those almost supernatural aspects of humanity that can defy space and time. I remember the first time I heard you on the radio – just like it was yesterday. But I never could have imagined that you would one day reach out to me, just a kid trying to eke out a living Village, to hear ME play!

Your kind words of encouragement have echoed in my head ever since and I cherish them and all of the occasions where we got together to work and play. 

I don’t know if I ever adequately thanked you for joining Dick Clark and all of the other guests who came to honor me and my career on his ABC telecast, “Salute!” way back when… we played Breezin’ together on that show and so now I’ve included it in this Birthday gift to you and to everyone who’s loved you forever. 

Plus I just want to say how much it meant for me to be able to hang and even jam with you during your Monday night gigs in New York City. Like a mentor, but even more like a dad, you always made me feel special – you were always such a warm man and so I just wanna say, Thank you.” – José Feliciano

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