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José Feliciano – Latin Street

In spite of it’s name, Latin Street, this album is José Felicianos personal tribute to his friend Michael Jackson on the one hand and a living city in the heart of Europe, Vienna, on the other. Several songs were recorded live at the spectacular “Sound Of Vienna” – concert at Kahlenberg on Miachel Jackson’s birthday (August 29, 2009), among them “Billie Jean” and “The 3rd Man”. 

It was this concert at which José was awarded the “Sound of Vienna Award” and he himself chose to continue the award as “José Feliciano’s Sound Of Vienna Award” honoring Austrian musicians and productions. The first artist to receive the award (post Hume) was legendary zither-player Anton Karas. His Harry Lime-Theme / The 3rd Man is unforgotten and José felt to honor him at the 60th anniversary of the title song of the famous movie. 

Another highlight of the album is a new version of the legendary “The Sound Of Vienna” recorded with Vienna Boys’ Choir. At the latest by now this declaration of love to Austria’s capital may be called the “Viennese anthem”. 

A new interpretation and live-cut-version of his unique Christmas song “Feliz Navidad” and the duet with Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, “Cancion de Navidad” make Latin Street a gem. 

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