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José Feliciano – Wolfsheart & Roy E. Pete featuring José Feliciano

The Long Walk – in the 1860s, more than 10,000 Navajos and Mescalero Apaches were forcibly marched to a desolate reservation in eastern New Mexico called Bosque Redondo. 

Nearly one-third of those interned there died of disease, exposure and hunger, held captive by the U.S. Army. After four years, the Army considered it a failed experiment and escorted the survivors back to their homeland – but only after an estimated 2,380 people died. 

This song, recorded by Wolfsheart & Roy E. Pete featuring José Feliciano, produced by LA. Clip Records, Helmuth Schärf, shall be a tribute to all the dyed Navajos and Mescalero Apaches, to remember their suffering forever. 

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