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José Feliciano with the Raananá Symphonette Orchestra Live in Tel Aviv (CD & DVD)

Celebrating their “musical rapport”, certainly, culminated during their visit to Israel and, after nearly forty-five years of having made brilliant music together, having shared this dynamic stage before patrons and dignitaries as well as friends and family has become a highlight of their longtime partnership. José couldn’t quell his enthusiasm, despite the long journey and a nasty bout of bronchitis, to take the stage with not only a extraordinary symphonic orchestra but also with his long-time mentor, Maestro Jimmie Haskell. 

“I would like to thank Liat Rockenstein and gratefully acknowledge the superb Raananá Symphonette Orchestra for hosting Jose and his band, so that they might perform together at the Nokia Arena in your beautiful Tel Aviv. This is an event that Jose had been looking forward to for quite some time and it is only Good Providence that allowed it to be. 

During his concert tour of Autumn 2013, Jose struggled with a bronchial infection which jeopardized his traveling agenda. Against Doctors’ recommendation, José insisted upon continuing for, as he put it, “When might we ever have this opportunity to have Jimmie Haskell perform with this great orchestra at the Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv?” So, even with an elevated fever, he persisted and gratefully, we have this CD and DVD, recorded in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, to remember it all and share it with you.” – Helmuth Schärf

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